The factory of bare cables and wires, LATRAF was the first cables factory in Algeria. It started its activities in 1942 at Gué de Constantine.

Shortly after, comes the creation of CABLAF, specialized in the manufacturing of electrical cables, from bare conductors produced by LATRAF.
In 1968, with the nationalization, all the properties of these companies is transferred to SONELEC.
In 1983, the restructuring of the SONELEC saw the start of the Entreprise nationale des Industries des Cables (ENICAB), to which were attached the following three units:
The telephone cables factory of Oued Smar.

The electric cables factory of Gué de Constantine.

The electric cables factory of Biskra.

Today :
With the restructuring, CABEL Spa (The Electric Cables of Algiers) was established in 1998.
Always in the same location, CABEL spread over an area of approximately 9.5 hectares, located in the industrial area of Gue de Constantine, Route Nationale 38, 15 km from the port of Algiers and 15 km from International Airport of Algiers Houari Boumedienne.
CABEL Spa manufactures and sells electric cables in accordance with international standards IEC and NF-VDE BSI.
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